As Thomas Lohmann works intensively in the present a hypothetic future and a reconstructed past is excluded. The models (see Friedemann) accompanying him over years enable him to centre and focus them in another context until they have found a new place in history. All paintings are preceded by works on paper as water-colours, pastels, and mixed media. This is done until the persons or the landscapes have found a new individuality by forms and/or colours. The places found may even go back to the ancient world of mythologies, philosophy as well as to psychology. Doing this way you may find fragments of human history with its always re-enacting dramas.

Nothing else but much more is to be found in the paintings of Thomas Lohmann. Looking through a hypothetic perforated time line now suspected and ever-lasting meanings are turned out at any time and at any place. As to Thomas Lohmann, only the style is changing and there is never one true meaning.

Works on paper – mixed media